5x7 Postcards: Movie series


Both M and I are movie lovers. Movie plays a huge part in our life. When we go out, we go to the theaters. When we are at home, we watch DVDs or Netflix. When we are stressed, we watch a movie to relax. When we are bored, we watch a movie to entertain. Okey, you get the idea. So we decided to share movies that we like with you here!

- 5”W X 7” H
- Full-COLOR Digital Print
- 16pt premium paper with a smooth Gloss finish


  • 01.Ghostbusters
  • 02.Flight club
  • 03.Amelie
  • 04.Rocky Sold Out
  • 05.Let the right one in
  • 06.The taste of tea
  • 07.The life aquatic with Steve Zissou
  • 08.Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
  • 09.Across the universe
  • 10.Love me if you dare
  • 11.Star wars
  • 12.Lost in translation