4x6 Postcards: Daily life


Our life is full of moments of love and happiness. I’m lucky to have a wife who is also a photographer. R has captured all of these little moments with her camera. I know as time passes by and some memories begin to fade, we can just look at the photos and they will just bring us back to those heartwarming moments as they just happened yesterday.

- 4.29”W X 5.98” H
- Full-COLOR Digital Print
- 16pt premium paper with a smooth Gloss finish


  • 01.We heart gummy bears!
  • 02.Hand in hand
  • 03.My personal therapist
  • 04.Mr. DJ
  • 05.Biking in Paris
  • 06.Cuddling time
  • 07.“all the world's a stage"
  • 08.Make your idea glows
  • 09.Fall reading
  • 10.Guess what I see?
  • 11.Dancing in the wood
  • 12.A sip of happiness
  • 13.Hello Autumn!
  • 14.Happy holiday